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Perhaps you’re worrying that you just want to have Asperger’s syndrome, because it would “excuse” all your “failings”. But we know that just because you don’t currently have a diagnosis of Asperger’s syndrome, doesn’t mean you don’t have Asperger’s syndrome.

Perhaps you’re worrying that you’re just “attention seeking”. Diagnosis Many aspies are content to self-diagnose.

All the same, getting a diagnosis as an adult is not always easy, particularly if you are a woman, and you need to do some research before you start.

They don’t need the piece of paper to prove their autism; they’re confident in their own knowledge that Asperger’s syndrome is what they have, and adjust their lives accordingly. Some us lack that confidence, which is hardly surprising after a lifetime of “being wrong” about everything else.Some of us need a diagnosis, to prove to ourselves or to others, that “there really is something else”.Do your homework Even if you’re afraid that researching the subject will lay you open to accusations of “making yourself more aspie” just to get a diagnosis, it’s important to visit your GP armed with facts. • Visiting your doctor Depending on your doctor, you might find instant understanding and care, or the complete reverse.Identifying with symptoms from an aspie perspective will be great for your own confidence, but if you’re going to convince a medic, you need to speak to him in his own language; read the “Triad of Impairments” and pick out those with which you have particular issues. Either way, the first question he/she will ask you is, “why do you think you have Asperger’s syndrome?

” and if you’ve done your homework, you will have the answer.

Take a close friend or family member with you to offer both moral support and add conviction to your concerns.