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The monsters then attack three beautiful stranded motorists with annoying NY accents.Fortunately, this crime scene yields an arm of one of the creatures, and Dr.

Of course, B Movies cry out for a the proverbial "Damsel in Distress," and Elaine literally stumbles onto it.

...all got ripped to pieces by radioactive sea-monsters.

In 1964's "The Horror of Party Beach," Del Tenney (Producer and Director) tells this story in which the 30 most beautiful women in Connecticut meet the most horrible fates. Tenney, who died last February, how he could make such a horrible movie, he replied, "I cry all the way to the bank." There is a lot of jiggling to rock 'n roll in this movie, which supplies over-the-top gore and bikini clad victims.

Will Hank and the good doctor arrive in time to rescue her?

Tina's best friend Elaine (Alice Lyon) helps Hank mourn her death (see below picture).The two are grief stricken, so they go slow dancing and never mention Tina again.

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