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29-Jul-2015 08:40

It gets highly frustrating when your having a conversation to just not be able to remember what the hell you were talking about.

That's not the only thing that needs improving, but the filters. Instead of actually getting rid of the old ones why don't you keep all the filters and just add new ones?

It gives people more choice in what filter they would like to use. Byeeeee Hello guys, Very much enjoy using your app but I've noticed a bug within your app I think you need to look into....

Was preselecting who of my fellow snappers to view before pressing the play button, But what's happening is that not only is not their whole story playing thru but it's going back & the forth....

Whenever you re enter the chat, the messages are gone and it's so annoying and unhelpful.

What about the poor people who have short term memory loss? They can't click back to the conversation to see what they said.

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Hopefully you get what I mean, Please look into this... 2) Should be able to select your country so the app is more relatable/relivent!!!!

I get that Tumblr is American but the whole world isn't America and frankly I'm sick of seeing american news/events/holidays that isn't relivent to me, like the american election, halloween, thanksgiving for example.

And also is repeating what I've already seen and also it's not ending & just replays what I've viewed....

And is instead of showing me the persons full story just playing for like a second before moving on to the next person..... Filters are awesome, I love reading things I didnt know about or reading updates about things I care about!

Snapchat, you're great and all but you could have a few improvements.

First, you could start but stopping deleting chat messages.