Auto added space in field while updating table in database

17-Oct-2016 07:13

If the BOM is missing, File Maker Pro will not properly recognize the file encoding.

When you split repeating field data into separate records any non-repeating fields that you import are duplicated in each separate record.

File Maker Pro matches field names dynamically each time you choose this option.

(This option is not available when the source data does not contain field names.)The symbol appears between the source and target fields, which indicates that the target field type does not support the source field data.

If you pick a different encoding, File Maker Pro scans the import data, and will display an alert message if the data contains characters that are illegal in the character set you selected.

If you’re importing a 16-bit Unicode (UTF-16) text file, the file must contain a Unicode standard Byte Order Mark (BOM).

When you import data into an existing File Maker Pro file, the Import Field Mapping dialog box appears after you select the file or source of the data to import.

Use this dialog box to specify the following import options: Field names that match in both the target table and the source.

(The symbol may also indicate that access privileges do not permit importing data into a particular target field.)You can also set the field mapping for multiple fields at the same time.First select the target fields you want to change by holding down Ctrl (Windows) or Command (Mac OS), and clicking each target field.(You can also select a range of adjacent fields by clicking the first field and then Shift-clicking the last field in the range.) Then click a field mapping symbol for one of the selected fields until they all indicate the mapping that you want.For example, if a record in the source file has values in three repetitions, splitting them into separate records imports three records, each identical except for the values in the repeating fields.

(You can also press the Space bar one or more times to change the field mapping symbol.)If the list is available, then File Maker Pro was not able to determine the file encoding, and has tried to pick an appropriate character encoding based on your operating system and the file format you’re importing.

You may need to change the encoding that File Maker Pro picked.