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The game has been played 45.12k times with an average user rating of 4.7/5 from 326 total votes.It currently belongs in the fun games category where you'll find many more similar titles. amber I love the art and it looks fun to play but I cant play it because it doesn't show me how many days I have or energy or money.And every time I earn it or wit and charm it takes it away when I go to a different place.I cant work to get things so a date can go successfully eleanor i love this game!i like all the sim dating games the same, but i think lance is the cutest out of all the boys - ever!he has looks personality and he's a 'knight in shining armour' - haha!Don't forget to allocate your girls charm, wit and luck character points before you start your adventure.If you need help or have found yourself stuck then watch a wonderland days sim date walkthrough video guide for hints, tips or a solution in order to fully complete the game.

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Play wonderland days sim date an anime dating simulation game for young ladies and explore the fairytale world as you seek to make new friends and possible new romances within 30 days.Use your mouse to interact with each story character to find out what they like or dislike.this game is interesting and fun to play(: mahil argh this kinda sucks in the sense that when i give out the correct code in the wishing well, it doesn't get submitted and when i write the correct number of how many moves blah blah blah for chess, it says that they are incorrect.privacy & cookie policy terms of use contact us content for your site Copyright © 2007-2016 All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners or authors.

Love Dating Sim 2 (for boys and gals) will officially be launched on December 22, 2006; however, if I don't strike a good deal with Armorgames, it may be pushed back. I love ya :) If you like the Bomee, please nominate Bomee to have her own collections on newgrounds. btw, this is not a pointless intro-- just needed to show my fans I'm still alive!

This flash contains a short intro to my next game, the secret endings to Love Dating Sim I (of which no one seems to be able to get-- the password is tdh by the way), a gallery, and a small drawing tutorial! I read and respond to almost every review because sometimes they do help me improve. visit bomee at and Love Dating Sim, characters, flash all belong to K.