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07-Apr-2015 09:29

By doing so, Wo Sign was still allowing companies to use insecure TLS certificates and prolong the usage of unsafe HTTPS, instead of forcing its clients to update to modern encryption practices.Besides Wo Sign, Mozilla also found that Start Com engaged in the same behavior of back-dating certificates.The Wo Sign and Start Com rogue certificate drama is coming to a close after Mozilla, Start Com, and Qihoo 360 (Wo Sign's majority stakeholder) representatives met last Friday in London to find a way to make amends.The three parties met after Mozilla discovered in September that Wo Sign had back-dated SHA-1-signed TLS certificates to December 2015 in order to avoid a ban on SHA-1 certificates from browser makers that came into effect on January 1, 2016.

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Because of this, Qihoo decided to separate Wo Sign and Start Com, which will now operate as separate businesses.“ Additionally, we note that Start Com has been operating as a compliant, separate CA for many years and the only noted issue with Start Com (two backdated certificates issued in July 2016) was an action approved by Wo Sign CEO Richard Wang.A temporary ban from Google or Microsoft, even if for just one year, would kill Wo Sign's business, with clients moving to other certificate authorities.Following last Friday's meeting, Qihoo 360 took a series of drastic measures to show it takes the incident seriously, and to avoid the fate of Diginotar, a CA that had to shut down following a ban from Google.

For starters, both Wo Sign and Start Com will be headed by new management.According to Eddy Nigg, Start Com founder Xiaosheng Tan will serve as Chairman of Start Com, while Inigo Barreira as CEO and Director of Start Com.

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