Battlefield 3 punkbuster not updating

07-Sep-2016 05:18

Players can now test their computer and network connection and get recommendations if they need to adjust something to improve their gameplay experience 1.

Open notepad and paste these lines there: As you can see, new client patch is now live!

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– Update your graphics drivers to latest beta, cause it fixes different kind of stability issues. Download this RAR archive and extract it to C: Program Files (x86)Origin Games Battlefield 4 Beta folder. – If you are running with SLI or Cross Fire, then disable other cards so that you are using only one card. – Start origin by right clicking it and select “Run as administrator”. Make sure you have a supported graphics card with at least xxx MB”. Click Add a Game and select Battlefield 4 from dropdown list. Now you should have those files “manually installed” that punkbuster couldn’t update for reason or two. Download servers are quite full at the moment and my download speed is currently 30KB/sec… Locate Pnk Bstr B service and as you can see, it’s in stopped state. See if your problem is gone, if it’s not, continue to next step.Let’s see if this patch fixes most of the problems.

UPDATE If you are having any kind of Direct X, graphics dll, game shutting down suddenly -errors, please download latest 13.11 BETA8 drivers from here -If you are having any kind of Direct X, graphics dll, game shutting down suddenly -errors, please update to latest 13.10 BETA2 drivers. If you are having similiar errors as described earlier, please update to latest Ge Force 331.40 BETA drivers. If you get this error that says something like “Direct X function… It speaks for it self: Your graphics card doesn’t have enough memory to run with your settings. file=1 and insert security code, and download latest Punkbuster for Windows. UPDATE This is the reason why i got disconnected time after time after time after…

Lower your resolution or quality settings OR buy new card. First of all, update your graphics drivers as i mentioned earlier. You can save the setup where ever you want but i suggest you to save it to Battlefield 4 folder “C: Program Files (x86)Origin Games Battlefield 4 Beta” or so. Right mouse click “pbsetup.exe” and select Run as administrator and follow the instructions. My connection is behind NAT and my computer doesn’t get own public IP address, and for some reason NAT blocks some of the traffic that Battlefield 4 server tries to send to my computer.

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