Beautiful dating japan woman

04-Dec-2015 13:55

It can definitely mess with your self-esteem, and I was beginning to think that I am not attractive.Thankfully, Tokyo reminded me that I am a beautiful woman, and my skin color has no bearing on my beauty.Men checked my friends and I out several occasions, and it felt really nice.When walking down the streets of Seoul, you will always notice that there is a beauty store literally on every corner.In Korea, women and men are completely obsessed with their appearances, and, as a result, there is a booming beauty industry here.Since living in Korea, I honest to God have forgotten that men exist.No one looks at me, or checks me out; I am kind of like an invisible person walking down the street.

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Coming from America, that was so strange to me since we are always trying to stand out and be different and unique. It was so refreshing to get out of the terminal and see variety.

Men and women had the freedom to dress as they please.