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12-Aug-2016 23:16

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A new report by the Ministry of Civil Affairs shows that the number of divorces in China jumped 8 percent last year, and, for the first time in 10 years, the increase of the divorce rate has outpaced the growth of the marriage rate.In Beijing and Shanghai, almost 40 percent of couples now divorce, a figure approaching those in Western countries.As a single, educated Chinese woman approaching 30, Nancy Ji felt tremendous stress from her parents to get married.So at 28, she hastily tied the knot with a boyfriend. They nagged me about being single every day, and it was very annoying.My boyfriend appeared at the right time, and he had the right economic profile," Ji says. But it didn't take long for the marriage to fall apart, and three years later Ji filed for divorce.Part of the problem, she realized, was how she went about finding a partner.

A lot of Chinese women -- and their parents -- even consider a house and car as prerequisites for potential boyfriends.

But these financially driven relationships do not always end happily.