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10-Nov-2015 13:53

With perhaps one or two exceptions, there are no truly unique Belarussian camouflage designs, but a fair number of the patterns worn by this nation have specific color characteristics that can usually be distinguished from similar patterns worn by other former Soviet republics.

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In footage released by the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Republic of Belarus, a young boy is seen crossing a snowy road in Vulica Budzionnaha, followed closely behind by a police officer.

We don’t see what causes the initial incident, but the officer, identified as officer Sergei Batalko in a ministry press release, suddenly grabs the young boy ahead of him and spins around, using his own body as a shield.

The Belarusian legal information reference centers have been opened in Moldova, Bel TA learnt from the Belarusian embassy in Moldova.

In particular, they have been opened in the Belarusian embassy in Chisinau, the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Moldova, the Belarusian Cultural Center, Moldova's Bureau of Interethnic Relations and the Slavonic University of Moldova.

WATCH: Caught on camera: woman rips parking ticket with teeth, keys profanity on officer’s car In moments, it becomes clear why, as a van slides across the centre line and strikes the officer and the young boy.

Despite being thrown onto the hood of the van in the collision, the Ministery of Internal Affairs said the boy did not suffer any serious injuries.