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01-Nov-2014 17:29

Unfortunately, children rarely report occurrences to an adult.

Cyber bullying is the repeated use of information technology, including e-mail, instant messaging, blogs, chat rooms, pagers, cell phones, and gaming systems, to deliberately harass, threaten or intimidate others.

Unlike physical bullying, where the victim can walk away, technology now allows for continuous harassment, from any distance, in a variety of ways.

However, according to a recent survey, 42% of children have been cyber bullied and 35% have been threatened online. This means that cyber bullying can have a negative or even destructive emotional effect on victims, ranging from hurt feelings to intense anger.

It can also result in significant depression and in the most severe cases has even resulted in suicide.

If you’re in a relationship, realize that many partners view cybersex as full-blown cheating.

Above all, if you decide to meet your cyber lover in person, make sure you do it in a public location.

Once the virtual sex starts, paint as vivid a picture for them as you can.

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Bullies are notorious for tormenting their victims face to face - usually at school - on the playground or in the cafeteria.But in recent years the Internet has not only increased the ability to bully at school, but has brought the problem into our homes and elsewhere - actually just about anywhere - at any time.While cyber bullying is often done by children who have increasing access to these technologies, it is by no means confined to children.The problem is compounded by the fact that bullies are often anonymous and never have to confront their victims.

This makes it difficult to trace the source, and encourages bullies to behave more aggressively than a traditional “physical world” bully.The full scope of cyber bullying is difficult to measure.