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It would be difficult and ultimately unnecessary for me to tab the whole thing because the rhythm is not that difficult to figure out. The tabbed chords look like this though for those of you that don't know: e|---------(2)-----| B|--(4)-----2------| G|---4------2------| D|---4------2------| A|---2-------------| E|-----------------| Play them along with the lyrics like this: [Verse] B5 Why can't I get just one kiss(2x) A believe me there'd be some things that I wouldn't miss B5 (stop abruptly) but I look at your pants and I need a kiss [Verse] Why can't I get just one screw(2x) believe me I'd know what to do but something won't let me make love to you [Interlude] At this point there's a little interlude that's dominated melodically by the bass.

The guitar in the background plays something similar to the verse figure.

[Verse] Why can't I get just one fuck(2x) I guess it's got something to do with luck but I waited my whole life for just one [Chorus] B5 A B5 Day...after day...

Most people think of us as a kind of rock band but we’re a lot more than that and I think this album represents all that in a really natural, cohesive way.