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Nothing is more of a turn-off than a poorly written ad. Don't go on and on about what you don't want. I can usually get a sense if I want to continue correspondence after an email or two.

Avoid clichés- everyone is looking for someone honest and with a good sense of humor! I usually don't give out my phone number until I'm planning to meet someone- so they can let me know if they chicken out or are going to be late.

KB: What insures that a meeting in person will go smoothly? I have at least one story that I almost always tell on the first date.

It's a humorous 'nightmare' dating story.

KB: What are some things to consider when placing an ad? MB: Personally, I look for someone who lives within 10 miles of my location, someone with similar political views, in my age range, and other things that might catch my eye like a similar interest in books or movies. KB: How do you decide who it's safe to give you phone number to?

MB: First and foremost: Check your spelling and grammar! MB: I always correspond through email or instant messenger before talking to someone on the phone.

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And by “a pattern” I mean literally everyone I dated (aside from my first girlfriend) was a friends’ gay friend. And then when my last long term relationship failed (as it was inevitably going to) I decided it was time I tried something different. It would without fail lead to these horrendously drawn out relationships or pointless flings that would always inevitably fail miserably or be super awkward or both.Lesbianlife Guide Kathy Belge interviews her sister Mary Belge.Since I’ve been in a relationship for fourteen years and have not had to opportunity to date online, I asked my sister Mary, also a lesbian, with lots of online dating experience for some advice. MB: There are many internet dating sites and new ones seem to pop up all the time. You can also check out Butch-Femme if you are into butch/femme roles, although this site is a bit harder to navigate.

KB: Do you ever meet without speaking on the phone first?

MB: Sometimes, although hearing someone's voice and their level of comfort chatting on the phone can be a good indication if you'll have anything to talk about once you meet in person. Although it helps if you have things or friends in common to talk about.

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