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And even then, as in the case of Josef Feldmann, the systems described are typically imports from France and Italy.As singlestick, cudgeling and Irish stick fighting thrived among the Brits and Irish, the French engaged in , the Germans never got around to turning the ever-present walking stick or cane into a formalized weapon of defense.Jena thrust duels would be fought with “—”Frog” bandit dagger) Karl Hermann Scheidler considers the Ziegenhainer-wielding second the crucial part in a Stoßmensur: The active protector and advocate of his fencer, the enforcer of rules—and the man most likely to be grievously wounded by the opponent or his own .(In 1843, Scheidler also relates an incident during which Jena and Leipzig students ended up in a major brawl, during which their walking sticks found ample if unscientific use.) The original Ziegenhainer is made from a sapling of the Kornelkirsche or European Cornel (), a species of dogwood also known as Cornelian Cherry.Apart from a few late imports, wooden staves or sticks disappear from the printed instructional record of 18th- and 19th-century German martial arts literature. Christoph Amberger Baltimore, MD—From the remnants of wooden swords excavated at the Teutoburg battle site at Kalkriese to the extensive Renaissance literature on the staff, halbert, and dussack of the fencing guilds, wooden weapons feature prominently in the early combative traditions of Germany.There’s only one example of a wooden weapon being used in a more or less organized combative context in the early 19th century: The Ziegenhainer walking stick. Yet less than a handful of texts bother with the use of in the 18th and 19th century.There’s only a single category of wooden weapon that appears in a combative context for a short period in the 19th century: The Ziegenhainer walking stick.Resembling an Irish blackthorn in all but the knobby protrusions, this rustic stick derives its name from the little village of Ziegenhain near Jena in Thuringia, which today is integrated into Jena proper.

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(Later versions, often made from chestnut wood, simply cut the “screw” into the wood.) The knob used as the handle is part of the plant’s root stock.

The benefit of this walking stick was two-fold: In thrust .