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08-Sep-2015 14:09

They believe the picture shows a tiny human-like creature apparently acting as a lookout after spotting the NASA robot.

The scale of the image would make the 'being' only eight to 10cm tall - less than the size of a small coffee cup – according to website UFO Sightings Daily, who are highlighting the discovery.

When you want to track your analytics from for example your View Model you do something like this.

I am Mark Monster, a Software Engineer specialized in Microsoft technology with a special interest for Silverlight and Windows Phone 7.

You can find that in the Google Analytics Service class in the Analytics folder after applying the Nu Get package. Yes I removed the App Id/Product Id that’s included by default leaving only 4 Custom Variables.

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In april 2010, Microsoft rewarded me with a MVP Award for Silverlight.

Investigators are hailing a major coup in the race to find proof of extra-terrestrial life after the 'miniature Martian' was spotted in NASA images of Mars beamed back to Earth from their Curiosity Rover, a four-wheeled probe currently exploring the planet's surface.

The ‘Roadies’ winner also thanked everyone for all the love and good wishes.… continue reading »

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Admittedly, the settlement of the Indian migrants in Oman has become possible only because of Omani government's liberal policy in granting its citizenship to foreign nationals.… continue reading »

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