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The fast speeds and intergrated microphone allow you to make videos and to have conversions with friends, family and colleagues all over the world by simply chating at your computer/laptop screen whilst simultaneously sending and receiving a video, giving you the overall impression that you are talking to that person in the very same room you are sitting in.

Compatible with Windows XP/Vista/7 and with approximately 500MB storage space, simply and easily, use the secure base/clamp base for mounting the device, plug it in to a USB port and enjoy limitless pictures, videos and video calls on Skype, AOL, MSN and more.

- Webcam with 300 kilopixels and manual focus for creating pictures and videos on a computer/notebook and for video chats with various instant messaging applications (e.g.

Skype, MSN) - Base/clamp base for mounting on TFT and notebook monitors - LEDs for better picture quality in case of bad lighting conditions - Snapshot button - Integrated microphone Fed up with the lengths you have to go to for sending pictures and videos?

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New creations with Hama The Metal Pro Webcam from Hama provides the ultimate solution with the ability to create pictures, videos and send video calls at instantly fast speeds to anyone anywhere in the world.

This lightweight, compact, portable webcam, designed with the latest technology and in a stylish, classic silver and black colour, will create high quality pictures in quick time with the fantastic 300 kilopixel camera.

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In the past, wanting to send someone a picture or video was an immense hassle with having to find your camera or camcorder, take the picture or video, copy it and send it and having phone conversations with friends and relatives far away was expensive task and seeing live pictures of them was just not possible.

However, with the new Hama Metal Pro Webcam, creating pictures, videos and live video calls couldnt be easier, saving time, energy and money!