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04-Feb-2016 17:24

img" data-cycle-fx=scroll Horz data-cycle-auto-height="container" data-cycle-pager="#id_slider_small .pager-id" data-cycle-pager-template="" data-cycle-prev="#id_slider_small .wa-slider-navigation-id .cycle-prev" data-cycle-next="#id_slider_small .wa-slider-navigation-id .cycle-next" If you’re new to Thailand, you might be surprised by the fact that Valentine’s Day is a big deal here.Thais love celebrating, they love sappy romance, and they love kitsch – the holiday of love has all three in spades.

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Thailand is a culture that will compensate you if you make you beauty accessible. It’s quite possible to date pretties, and getting a telephone number form one or two of these pretty Thai girls should not be a big problem.

For pretties the competition is cut throat, and there is a culture for doing whatever it takes to elevate your status and increase earnings. They invest in their looks and want to get the right face and skin color quickly so they can start making money.

“Suay Duay Meed” is a known thai expression meaning “Beautiful with the knife”.

Many don’t know that Thailand is the 8th biggest car manufacturer in the world. That means tall and white and with a boob job, of course.

You absolutely have to visit one of the big car shows out in Muang Thong Thani if you get the opportunity. These thai girls work as professional “pretties”, and they aspire to be pretty as the Thais would judge beauty.If you’re dating a Thai woman, you’d better have something special planned or you’ll definitely find yourself on her shit list.