Blood type dating asia

28-Nov-2014 16:36

They are more likely to wait for someone’s approach rather than approach someone first.

Korean celebrities with Blood type A: G Dragon, Sandara Park (2NE1), Min (Miss A) & Sandeul (B1A4). Blood type B is often joked as being “The Playboy” or “Bad Guy.” Positives: Blood type B is known as being independent and having a good sense of humor.

People with blood type A are said to be patient and never hold a grudge after a fight.

People with blood type A are stereotyped as being the perfect best friend! They think that it is important to be a perfectionist, so sometimes they try too hard.

They are often referred to as being self-assertive and extremely confident.Negatives: A person with blood type B may seem different from their first impressive. They hate being alone and are easily misunderstood as being selfish because of this.They are called “The Warrior” due to their leadership capabilities!They are warmhearted and easygoing, which is the reason they have so many friends!

The most famous stereotype of blood type B is that they’re not afraid to say something that they are thinking, but will usually regret it right after! ” Positives: They are the ultimate optimists and prefer to see the great things in life.

Korean celebrities with Blood type B: Yoona (SNSD), Xiumin (Exo), Minho (Shinee) & Jessica (SNSD). They are passionate, friendly, but also competitive!

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