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12-Mar-2015 09:39

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“A man who is in tune with this will know that by giving her a brief compliment on that object, such as saying they really dig that bracelet and it looks great on her, they are using secret language to be deadly effective at sparking sexual attraction and getting that women in bed.” The compliment in any other scenario would be cheesy and ineffective, Rio says, but in this instance, by paying attention and watching where the woman’s hands go, a man can figure out what to compliment and how.

“Women spend countless hours deciding what to wear,” Rio says.

“By complimenting a woman on her choices and not something she can’t control, such as the length of her legs, a man is speaking her own secret language, which is the key to attraction.” This simple trick to giving compliments is just one of the numerous secrets revealed in The Sexual Decoder System, Rio says.

== Learn MORE HERE “This system will teach men, men who have spent a lifetime being rejected even, one simple word that will lead to a kiss from a woman,” Rio says.

“A simple guide will reveal shortcuts to reading body language that will prevent mistakes and lead to success,” Rio says.

Do you wonder why some men get female attention and respect from other males more easily?

Some men are attractive to both sexes just by how they carry themselves.

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“Nine times out of ten, a guy will compliment a woman on something she has zero control over, such as the color of her eyes.

A woman with striking eyes has already heard this about a million times in her life and will be bored senseless by yet another unoriginal male complimenting her on that feature.” However, Rio explains, if a man knows the simple tricks of using compliments to spark attraction, he knows to watch for subtle signals that a women gives that will reveal to him just what and how to compliment her.