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24-Apr-2015 15:03

” To create the look for the film, Varese turned to the works of Caravaggio for inspiration.Shooting with the ARRI ALEXA and Angénieux Optimos, the DP’s use of light to convey the emotions of the miners, and his selective lack of camera movement, helped tell the dramatic story of hope and despair.“Since all the exterior scenes had to reflect a ticking clock aspect—that these people down there will die unless we can do something—she decided on a mostly handheld approach that conveyed everyone’s tension over the fate of the loved ones below.Varese’s past credits include a slew of music videos, as well as pilots for depicts the harrowing 69-day ordeal of the men trapped in the collapsed copper-gold mine in Chile’s Atacama Desert.Among the many challenges faced by cinematographer Checco Varese, ASC, was how to light the darkest place on Earth, as well as the brightest. “Nothing is gentle or feminine in the mining industry—every component can break your foot or rupture your eardrums,” states Varese, “so working with a talented female director was really terrific for this kind of material and brought a human perspective to the disaster.” Though life in mines has been the subject of some previous films—Martin Ritt’s (lensed by DP Ousama Rawi, BSC, CSC) come to mind—Varese discovered most pictures dedicate precious little screen time to depicting that environment.’—and that’s coming from somebody who shot news in difficult places, but never experienced this kind of panic.

Director and DP had a meeting of minds on the film’s visual thrust.

“Patricia made an important point about how the camera would capture what was going on above and below in very different ways,” Varese notes.