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18-Nov-2014 13:41

A: Considering as we were the first white label company EVER to come on the scene and therefore we actually had carte blanche to choose whatever took our fancy, we chose a rather ambiguous name for our white label program and service.

We decided that we needed something that would subtly and elegantly express what we were trying to create on a more conceptual level, and as such, our line of thought took the following route.

This fish is invisible when under water, rather like ourselves, who are powering a number of dating brands out of the limelight… Q: A: Our program is different in that we offer multiple and very specific niches that – unlike some providers out there – are actually real and are very much defined.

As such, we can assure our affiliates that their sites really are made up of specific types of people, which of course helps to capture a better target audience and thus generate more profit for the affiliate.

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Also, due to having a very large database of members from all around the world, we offer affiliates the chance to target multiple locations and countries rather than just the UK or USA, which is the norm amongst our competitors.So this – combined with the fact that our niches are defined and very extensive – makes us stand out from the crowd.We were going to provide a back end and platform that would enable affiliates to run sites of a dating nature, but we would be relatively invisible to the outside world - seen by only those that would do more than merely scratch the surface.To us, this business model appeared to be the analogy of a bone fish – otherwise known as the ghost or phantom fish.

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And finally, with Bone Fish all affiliates can benefit from our complete customization tools too.Each and every site can be fully branded to suit an affiliate’s needs, and when we perform a site integration (where an affiliate integrates a dating site into their existing site), we adhere 100% to their brand and identity.

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