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24-Sep-2015 14:36

Still, “liquidity metrics” are applicable to games, as well.The relationship between interaction of players and retention is applicable, for example, in any social game where cooperative or competitive game mechanics are at play.

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Jason Loia is a 15-year veteran of mobile gaming and is now COO of dating app Unravel.Though Loia used his gaming experience as a foundational tool for Unravel’s development, he says mobile game devs have a lot to learn from dating apps.In many ways, playtesting for Unravel is similar to that of any mobile game we might put through playtesting: We look for obvious unintended UI/UX hotspots, behaviors that aren’t told by the numbers, or insights that are extremely difficult to come by just by data analytics alone.That said, playtesting for a dating app also reveals some human factors that game playtesting sometimes doesn’t address or target.

Tinder is leading the way as both hero and villain, and many more have launched in recent months: happn, Hinge and Bumble among them.These apps are winning large audiences (Tinder alone has an estimated 50 million users) and forcing their devs to answer a question typically reserved for more traditional games: How do we make this fun?

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