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05-Feb-2015 20:20

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I’d guess that American Airlines and US Air will walk away from the deal like AT&T and T Mobile did when the Department of Justice opposed their merger.

Don’t buy US Air miles hoping that they will become American Airlines miles, though US Air miles are still valuable to use on their Star Alliance partners.

I was right about the merger not being blessed easily, but I expect to be wrong about the merger ultimately going through.

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I also wrote that I didn’t expect the merger to be blessed easily by European and US anti-trust regulators, but I expect the merger to ultimately go through.

American Express, Barclaycard, Chase, and US Bank are Million Mile Secrets advertising partners.

In February, I wrote that the proposed US Air and American Air merger is bad for most folks, but good news if you run or own an airline.

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Fewer airlines means that it is easier to get price increases and fees to “stick” and that consumers have no choice but to pay more.

For example, have you wondered why fees keep on increasing to make changes to tickets or for checking bags?