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02-May-2015 23:31

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On one hand Sydney would be the ideal choice for work and finding a new partner.Whilst Brisbane would the the place to buy housing and raise a family. In the end, if you have at least 0,000 in combined household income, you won't be too unhappy in Sydney. I've never understood the "Brisbane is just a big country town" stuff.We're probably the Goldilocks of Australia – just right…lol…I travelled extensively in my younger days, and I always thought Brisbane was the best place to live, even when compared to some of the most famous of overseas cities.Any comments would be much appreciated, however biased and colourful!! People who say it are usually just parroting some old and out-dated idiom that never really existed in the first place.

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My only concern is it still a big country town or has it moved on with all the new infrastructure/places being built around the city.

We probably have the best and most moderate climate of all the major cities in Australia.

We get the summer humidity, for sure, but we don't get the freakishly high summer temps some cities get, and we also don't get the freakishly low winter temps either.

Brisbane will be, and has been, the host of many international events over the last few decades, and it has tackled the tasks admirably.

It is a multi-cultural, modern city, but with a laid back attitude which is lacking in some other cities.

So, I guess it's easy to tell what my answer to your question is. Me and my girlfriend make about 0,000 between us and live in a lovely big 2 bedroom apartment with ocean views and minutes from one of the worlds most famous beaches.

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