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25-Nov-2015 13:39

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James Safechuck, the fifth man to come forward with accusations of child molestation against Michael Jackson, is just getting started.

In his most recent claim, James' lawyer Maryann Marzano is attesting that Michael kept young James out of school so he would be "available" to him while he was on tour. Like most MJ fans, we don't want any of this to be true, but Ms.

Through what we’re assuming is steadfast research, Halperin cites as evidence of Jackson’s sexuality a claim that he picked up a male construction worker in Las Vegas and forced him to sign a confidentiality agreement so they could do the nasty.

(Another version of that story claims the guy Jackson spotted across a Vegas casino floor became head of Jackson’s security detail, not his lover.) Then there are Halperin’s claims Jackson liked to dress up as a woman, which isn’t so much a secret as it is a description of Jackson’s entire wardrobe.

She is Diane Dimond, who’s devoted much of her career (15+ years) to chronicling Jackson.

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Also: Jackson wearing women’s clothing is common knowledge. Which is what Halperin wants to do with his new tome .

Besides, dressing up as a lady doesn’t make the superstar gay; it makes him transgender. So it shouldn’t be a surprise that another person with an interest in selling manuscripts is on hand to shoot down these rumors.