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25-Jun-2015 00:03

Pope Benedict's much-heralded meeting with the victims of clerical sex abuse during his April visit to the US was not his idea.The meeting was forced upon the Pope by the victims.My outlet for fannishness, mostly Dragon Age and Hamilton these days. If you're here because of that "Everything Is Awful" post, you might be interested in my other self-care posts.


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Pope Benedict is in Australia and apparently about to pull the same media stunt of faux concern for the victims of sexual abuse by Catholic clergy that he pulled in the United States in April of this year. In June, Archbishop Pietro Sambi, the US representative of the Pope was asked about the Pope's April visit and its impact on the sex abuse issue.A carefully-orchestrated media strategy that led many US commentators to hail what appeared to them to be the Pope's courage and decency in meeting with five U. Sambi claimed that the idea that the Vatican had not understood the gravity of the sex abuse issue had disappeared. P., the Survivors Network of Those Abused by Priests, the largest organization of clergy sex abuse victims in the United States. For the past five years, my media company has provided services pro-bono to SNAP in legal battles by survivors of clergy sex abuse against the Diocese of Los Angeles and its rogue Cardinal Roger Mahoney, the most powerful prelate in the U. It is this rogue Cardinal who has obstructed justice and aided and abetted his priestly rapists, many who have been convicted or are now fugitives -- on the run from arrest warrants.