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Er, Cut the cake, eat the heart, Ill sacrifice you.

Let the wedding start is the way the chorus used to go! I was kicked out of the band and they never told me.

The band's most popular hit was the New Wave staple, "I Want Candy", but their most notorious recording was "Sexy Eiffel Tower", a bold ode to masturbation, including excitedly heavy breathing and orgasmic moans. Bow Wow Wow still tour deep into 2006 this time with just Lwin, Gorman and now No Doubt's Adrian Young on drums. I had a Saturday job and we would get people like Gordon Jackson ['Upstairs, Downstairs'] and Richard Jobson from The Skids coming in. Is it true that your real birth name is actually Myant Myant Aye (Burmese for cool, cool, high)?! Its been claimed that Bow Wow Wows lyrics were simple, goofy, and non-sensical at the best of times! Back in the day I didnt have a clue except for the songs that Malcolm wrote like C30-C60-C90-Go and Go Wild In The Country because I used to go to the country a lot for my holidays!

The group released three full-length albums before disbanding in 1983. Chatting recently with lead singer Annabella Lwin, I first asked her if it was true that the legendary producer Malcolm Mc Laren had indeed discovered her as a 14-year-old singing in a Northwest London (Kilburn) dry cleaners?! Yes, but Burmese is a very different culture because its in the Far East so its just a translation. so its kind of interesting that we got this collection of songs from all over the place.

Mc Laren was also going to use Boy George (later of Culture Club fame) as a second lead singer, but he was deemed to be "too wild" for the band!

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Ashman went on to form Chiefs of Relief, and in 1995 died from diabetes complications. Our whole culture in the Buddhist way of life - is that boys go into the monastery and little girls go and get their ears pierced. Because they were never all about the same old same old topics, were they?! So, yeah, looking at the lyrics this time around I just thought they were bloody funny in all honesty.

So, the boys have their heads shaved and then become monks for a period of time to learn the disciplines of that. Is there one truly outstanding non-sensical song from the bunch that you still sing today, perhaps?!