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On Carly and Sam's webshow, they have a segment called "Messin' With Lewbert" where the two girls play pranks on Lewbert downstairs in the lobby of the building.

On the show, Lewbert is recognized for having excessive anger outbursts, (i.e.

Novel anhydrous compositions comprise a poorly water-soluble drug and a surfactant having enhanced dissolution rate and solubility.

The drug-surfactant ratio in the composition is such that dissolution and solubility of the drug are enhanced.

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He has appeared in a number of television shows and movies, often portraying somewhat "ballistic" characters, especially on television shows.For example, on the Nickelodeon television series i Carly, he plays Lewbert who is the mean and nasty doorman of Carly's apartment building.A composition as claimed in any preceding claim in which the ratio of the weight of drug to that of surfactant ranges from 1:0.05 to and the drug-surfactant combination constitutes from 10 to 100% by weight of the total formulation.8.A process for preparing a composition as claimed in any one of Claims 1 to 5 comprising appropriately dissolving the drug into the surfactant at a temperature in the range from room temperature for liquid surfactants to temperatures no greater than 10°C above the melting point of solid surfactants.9.

The compositions disclosed herein are useful in the treatment...

The compositions disclosed herein are useful in the treatment of patients (human and veterinary) as well as domestically and in agriculture.2.