Buzzfeed dating in your twenties

05-Feb-2015 10:41

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Many involve reaching out to people we trust and making small but meaningful lifestyle changes.On the other hand, it's a time often characterized by financial debt, romantic misadventures, loneliness, and a sense of uncertainty about who we are and why we’re here.So it’s not surprising that people in their late teens and 20s are especially vulnerable to feelings of depression.

Binge drinking tends to be most common and intense in people ages 18 to 24, and alcohol use disorders are closely linked to depression. D., a psychiatrist at Loma Linda University, the transition from high school to college (and from college to post-grad life) is often marked by changes in sleep schedules, which can also cause some mental health issues.

Whatever the reason for depression during this time period, there are a number of ways to cope.

This means 20-somethings are faced with making some huge decisions (where to live, what career to pursue, whether to propose) when they aren’t yet at their full cognitive capacity, which can cause feelings of angst and anxiety.

In some cases, 20-somethings might not realize certain lifestyle factors may contribute to depressive symptoms.

On the one hand, the period between ages 18 and 29 is the best ever.

It's that time when you get to develop a sense of independence in college, start a new job, scout out the dating scene, or head off to new cities.