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24-Jun-2015 02:37

NEVER give out any personal information in a chat room.

ALWAYS make sure that if someone demands you turn on your web am that you demand they do the same.

Update: I have found a page some may be interested in who Amanda’s online blackmailer/stalker was but please keep in mind this story discusses what really goes on in the world of chat sites like,, etc and discusses how the pedophile found and persuaded Amanda to show her breasts.

As a parent, I would suggest you read this and then decide whether you want to talk to your teen or preteen about these seemingly safe teen chat rooms and tell them the dangers.

Too many predators say they are teens and may say they are female when they are not. If someone gets pervy with you or has a sexual sounding name like big10inch or something similar, then boot them from your room if you are on sites like because they are usually an old dude looking for a win on cam.

I have owned a chat room for 5 years and there are things you do need to know to stay safe.

When you go in a chat room there are many options such as text chatting, private chatting and web cam chatting.

Here are a few safety rules for you and your friends.

Then block them from viewing your cam or talking to you.

You may have great kids but sometimes great kids can do things that we as adults would know better than to do.

It took one flash on a webcam to change Amanda’s life forever. For the teens who are using these chat rooms: We cannot stop progress and the internet for the good, bad and ugly is here whether or not we wish it were.

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