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I’d love to have all of them just follow me around at the same time, it’s like having my own mini-army. said: Sure it froze up a few times on me but not that bad!said: As someone who absolutely LOVED Fallout 3 (even got the Platinum Trophy including all expansions) I have to ask. I can’t count how many times Fallout 3 crashed my PS3.As a matter of fact, I was barley able to make it through a few of the expansions, and tried several times (all but 1 resulting in freeze up) to do Mothership Zeta.Like Fallout 3, New Vegas allows you to have one humanoid and one non-humanoid companion at any time.Fallout: New Vegas’ senior producer, Jason Bergman, has put together a list of bios for the companions you’ll meet throughout the Wasteland. [Warning: some spoilers below] Arcade said: Questions for Bethesda 1) Have you guys ever heard of Q&A for a game?

The Mojave Wasteland is a dangerous and desolate place…so you feel the need for some companionship during your adventure.Please, for the love of Vault-tec, make this game stable enough to play.-A Lover of Fallout said: Hey Matt, will we be able to have more than one follower able to follow us at any point in time, or are we restricted to just having one follower.

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2)Have you guys tweaks your game engine to actually make it run decent on the PS3?Fallout 3 was a horrible port to the PS3 when compare to the other versions.