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Reynold was my brother's and sister's dad, but he was like a father figure to me. In one of our conversations, he was explaining to me how the college system works, and he mentioned that he went to Yavapai College and then to a Division I school [American University]. After visiting the school and Athletic Department, I believed in their vision.

SW: Well you have a good role model as far as football is concerned. KB: I know Avery John, and I speak with him off and on. The coach also assured me that he was doing some comprehensive recruiting, because he really wants to win a National Championship.

SW: Apart from Civic Centre, did you play informally? SW: New school, new city, new state, new everything.

So we would usually play in the street under the lights from about 8 PM to as late as 11 PM. SW: When do you actually go down there and start pre-season? Our first game will be against University of Central Florida, a Division I school.

I remember when he was playing in Indonesia, he would send boots for me. I didn't really want to go to Junior College at all, but I came here [USA] too late. However, the coach [Joel Harrison] that recruited me has recently resigned. He was actually the assistant coach of the US U-17 team at the last World Cup.SW: Who did you play football with while growing up in Point Fortin? SW: Even though you haven't gotten in to the full routine as yet, how different is the environment from Herkimer?KB: I used to play with Point Fortin Civic Centre U-14 and U-16. KB: At Herkimer, I wouldn't say it was easier, but it was less demanding. SW: Most of your secondary school years were spent at Vessigny Government Secondary, where the likes of Anthony Sherwood and Avery John once attended. SW: Were you a regular starter, or were you mainly used as a substitute? I then moved to Saint Leo University in the Spring. KB: I wanted to go where the weather was warm, because I was tired of playing in the cold.

In my first year in 2008 we won the National Championship, and in 2009 we came third. Afterwards, I decided to go to Saint Leo University in Florida. So, I sat out the 2010 Fall semester, during which I was the assistant coach of Herkimer. KB: We actually grew up together, and both played for Point Fortin Civic Centre. SW: Yes, they were in Belgium, then moved to Hungary, and eventually returned to "W". He's at W-Connection right now, and is working on some possibilities of going abroad, but nothing is concrete as yet. My mom brought me up here about two weeks before the SATs.