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I make sure to never have them outside when the trains come.

The dackels are silly creatures who would want to chase the train!

Today there were six cars full of happy tourists, who had traveled far and wide, to see New England at it’s finest and brightest. We had bright sunshine and clear skies, and our leaves are turning those marvelous colors of reds, oranges, yellow, and flaming coral.

Well the dackels love to get in the window and bark their little doggy brains out!

¿Alguna vez te haz preguntado que significa cada uno de los íconos o índicadores en tu Black Berry?

Esos pequeños símbolitos que aparecen, muchas veces, en la parte superior de tu Black Berry indicandote algo.

Esta guía promete darles un poco de luz a la hora de identificarlos.

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So Autumn is here and hopefully the weather will remain nice, so the leaves will last.-Jean Kyler Mc Manus- At ten past eleven this morning, the whistles blew and the first foliage train of year went by our house!From now until the first of November, Friday, Saturday and Sunday and some Mondays, the foliage train comes past our house, and then returns three hours later.They are just so beautiful and seeing them makes me smile!

Friendship There’s a miracle of Friendship that dwells within the heart, And you don’t know how it happens or where it gets its start…

But the happiness it brings you always gives a special lift, And you realize that Friendship Is God’s most perfect gift.