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09-May-2015 22:23

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He has directed 26 films that have amassed over .7 billion in box office receipts; he has successfully tackled science fiction, adventure, comedy, drama, and war genres; he has three Academy Awards; Forbes places his personal net worth at around billion; he has been called “the most powerful figure in the motion picture industry”, “one of the 100 most important people of the century”, and “the most influential person of his generation.” In terms of accomplishment and influence, there are very few that can match Steven Spielberg.

Given the relationship warzone that is Hollywood, you would expect someone as successful as Spielberg to have a past littered with the corpses of failed marriages and foolish romances.

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Kathleen Kennedy, his producing sidekick yet again on Lincoln, had this to say about working with Spielberg and balancing family.

“I’ve always said I wouldn’t do it if I was making the movie from scratch today, because I have seven children.

I had no hesitation writing that and directing that then, but I had no dependents in my life at that time.“ producer Kathleen Kennedy of Spielberg’s approach to the project.

“We laid out a calendar and figured out when each of us could be home and who was doing what…I want to know what my children are doing all the time, within reason.

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Family’s very important to him.” The problem is compounded for Kennedy because her husband, Frank Marshall, is also a powerful and in-demand producer.

While they usually leapfrog their films so that one of them is always at home, their current hectic schedule has prevented that.

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