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02-Jun-2015 13:42

This is going to be a long post, so grab a cup of coffee or martini, depending on what time of day it is, and read on.

We toured several Portland bakeries this weekend, with the express goal of helping to figure out how the sugar shop will look. What the appropriate feeling of the shop should be based on the desserts we're going to sell.

The main case was open on the top with a big glass sneeze guard in front of them.

The bakery specializes in bread, and everybody had a shirt which said "eat bread" which probably doubled as a good way to get somebody to buy the shirts.

Oh, and taste a bunch of stuff to get inspired to bake again.

Our first stop was Sahagun Chocolates, which was difficult to find, and we had to resort to calling for directions, but we made it to their tiny little shop. The atmosphere was casual and the furnishings were a mish-mash, which meant to me that they were serious about the chocolate, and that's all.

There wasn't much of a theme to the decorations, but there were interesting things to look at.

They had about 3 seats that faced the window with a small case and tiny espresso machine.

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The owner gave us a tour of the back room, and we chatted about how she liked it better than hauling stuff around to the farmer's market.

They had been there 2 years, and settled into a nice flow.