Catholic widowers dating what is time averaging dating

03-Aug-2016 16:22

Even an elderly person who wistfully talks about their deceased spouse seems condemned to a particularly cruel and fruitless existence.Elderly are endearing, but elderly widows seem painfully solitary.They also aren’t religious or consecrated, although some might choose to become so.Widows have always been a group of people that tug on my heartstrings.What is more tragic than a young husband or wife with small children who becomes a widow?Or Mormonism, which proudly promises that earthly marriages continue into heaven.In Catholic theology, when Jesus says “At the resurrection they neither marry nor are given in marriage but are like the angels in heaven” (Mt ), he means heaven is totally different from earth.

Heaven is total communion with God and with one another, and marriage and celibacy point to that as two sides of the same coin.Marriage as a sign of what God’s love is like, communion between persons and fruitfulness, and celibacy as a sign that this isn’t the end: there is a heavenly wedding worth skipping the earthly wedding for, in order to start living it now.

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