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The changeset would have the following errors: Validations and constraints define an explicit boundary when the check happens.By moving constraints to the database, we also provide a safe, correct and data-race free means of checking the user input.Let’s see an example: fields are present in the changeset, the e-mail is of the specified format, and the age is between 18 and 100 - as well as a unique constraint in the email field.Let’s suppose the e-mail is given but the age is invalid.The difference between them is that validations can be executed without a need to interact with the database and, therefore, are always executed before attempting to insert or update the entry in the database.However, constraints can only be checked in a safe way when performing the operation in the database.As a consequence, validations are always checked before constraints.Constraints won’t even be checked in case validations failed.

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Ecto changesets provide both validations and constraints which are ultimately turned into errors in case something goes wrong.For those reasons, changesets include the concept of empty values, which are values that will be automatically converted to nil on Using changesets you can work with associations as well as with embedded structs.User has updated a log message attached to a Subversion changeset and the result isn't showing in Fish Eye or the JIRA Fish Eye plugin.The Subversion revision properties need to be rescanned and the Fish Eye cache in JIRA flushed.

Many times, the data given on cast needs to be further pruned, specially regarding empty values.For example, if you are gathering data to be cast from the command line or through an HTML form or any other text-based format, it is likely those means cannot express nil values.