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11-Apr-2016 11:47

“I love my angels,” Khaled said, admiring the red, white, and purple cyclamens at the hotel. “Life is like flowers,” he observed, training his i Phone camera at the ground and holding down the record button. That went out to his Snapchat followers too, in a continuous series of clips.

If you want to understand Snapchat, the insanely fast-growing and—to people born before 1990—straight-up insane messaging app and media platform, DJ Khaled is your Virgil.

If you were one of the 100 million people who logged in to Snapchat each day during Super Bowl weekend, his thick beard and full frame were impossible to miss.

You would have seen clips of him at an impromptu concert where he was mobbed by several hundred screaming fans waving giant cardboard keys, or at a raucous party sponsored by Pepsi Co, or in a pedicab he hailed after the game.

“Ride wit me through the journey [to] more success,” he captioned that last video, as his chauffeur pedaled furiously.

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“I didn’t really know how to use it,” he says on a recent afternoon in Los Angeles.“I was kind of just talking to myself.” Khaled filmed everything: his grooming routine, his breakfasts, his hot tub, and, especially, a Tuscan-style lion sculpture that he would often shout at while watering his plants. He expounded on the importance of quality bedding (“The key to more success is to have a lot of pillows”) and regular meals (“They don’t want you to eat breakfast”).