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09-Nov-2015 01:30

A screenshot of the spokesman asking another person for Siew Khim’s number by chat messaging was also shown, and a message at 9.08pm to the other person. If he did not cheat people, then it is definitely not possible many had come complaining that they were cheated.” It was also alleged that Siew Khim’s adopted brother, “Ah Hin”, had called the spokesman an “hour or two” later to say that Siew Khim had asked for a face-to-face meeting with the aggrieved parties and another unidentified person.Earlier this week a teary-eyed Siew Khim had denied any involvement and said she was not aware of her father’s actions.In the three-minute video clip, someone claiming to be a spokesman of an aggrieved customer says he contacted Siew Khim and spoke to her for nearly 10 minutes.An itemised mobile phone bill was shown in evidence, with a phone call listed as being made to Siew Khim’s mobile phone at 8.35pm on June 26 last year. Whether her father wants to come out to discuss how he wants to return monies to the victims.Siew Khim said she was only aware after the first video had come out.

Siew Khim did not respond to FMT’s queries for comment at the time of writing.

The new video, entitled “Penang Low-cost Housing corruption issue Part 2”, was posted earlier today by local political news web site Penang Kini.