Chat with a lonely wife

15-Jan-2016 16:33

You may love your friend, but you don't fantasize or daydream about him or her. If you're having intimate talks and sharing things you should only be sharing with your primary partner, or you're sending late night 'just thinking of you' flirty texts, you're not having just an innocent friendship.

If you find yourself having sexual or romantic fantasies about your friend, you've crossed the line into emotional sex.

Pretty soon, you find yourself glowing every time you spend time with this person. Any contact with the person becomes as potent as a drug addiction.

All those tingly feelings and the fantasies that perhaps a "perfect love" can really exist isn't destiny knocking -- they're caused by "love chemicals" in your brain.

But in today's technology-driven world, meeting, staying connected, and getting intimate has never been easier or more dangerous.

You become friends with the sexy co-worker and decide to carpool to work together. You're married, or engaged, or you're in a committed relationship. Emotional sex is a friendship that escalates into something that feels the same as romantic love and can manifest itself in numerous ways -- physically, romantically, emotionally, lustfully, verbally, or virtually.

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These addictive love chemicals feel so good that it's difficult for you to even imagine ending contact with your friend.Your connection feels genuine and even life-sustaining.

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