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With a guard AI that’ll usually spot you if you run or even poke your head up above cover, Sniper Elite III encourages you to take it slow and stealthy, spotting and tagging guards with your binoculars.

Each one is enormous and has multiple objectives meant to give you a clear progression through the map, but how you reach and tackle those objectives is up to you.

And when you factor in handfuls of enjoyable optional tasks, like blowing up a German motor pool or stealing top-secret plans, and the many deaths you're likely to die, finishing a single level can take as long as a couple of hours.

Every effort was made to milk them for dramatic tension.

That’s what gives Sniper Elite III its edge - and not its story, which is awash in clichés and occasionally laughable dialogue.

The campaign consists of just eight stages, but they’re a blast to creep through.

Tight close-ups of the bullet in flight are accompanied by a steadily swelling roar, giving your shot a sense of impending destiny.

Provided your reaction to the resulting gore is a sick thrill and not actual sickness, this is so immensely satisfying that it renders every other weapon at your disposal anticlimactic by comparison.

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Sniper Elite III is a celebration of extravagant carnage - and, less significantly, a big improvement over 2012's Sniper Elite V2.Its predecessor's stiff, linear gameplay has been swapped out for a more open-ended, creativity-enabling approach to stealth-shooting.

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