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Like many Scots at that time the Crawfords moved and settled for a time in Ulster.

When John Austin Crawford emigrated a second time Susan followed him and found him, working as a miner in Schuylkill County, near Roaring Creek and the small settlement of Minersville, Pennsylvania.

One of his most famous exploits included delivering a bottle of whiskey to Buffalo Bill, while on campaign.

Cody wrote of the incident in his biography "An Autobiography of Buffalo Bill": On learning that I was with Crook, Crawford at once hunted me up, and gave me a letter from General Sheridan, announcing his appointment as a scout. News that whisky was in the camp was likely to cause a raid...

He was famous for his books and poems, many still performed and recorded as songs, such as "The Death of Custer", "Rattlin' Joe's Prayer" (which became the basis, reset as narrated by a soldier, of the song "deck of cards") where a miner preaches a sermon from playing cards, and "California Joe and the Girl Trapper".

His poem "Only a Miner Killed" has been cited as the basis for Bob Dylan's song "Only a Hobo".

Jack Crawford became a speaker and performer in music halls and stages all over the US, lecturing on the west, the Sioux Indian Wars and encouraging his audiences to forswear liquor.

He also became an active speaker at many reunions of civil war veterans, and film of him is among the last scenes in Ken Burns' epic "The Civil War".

'What kind of a present' I inquired, seeing no indication of any package about Jack. John Wallace Crawford was born in Carndonagh, East Donegal, Ireland on March 4th 1847. The father, John Austin Crawford, was born in Greenock near Glasgow and married Susan Wallace who was not only a Scot but claimed to be descended from Sir William ‘Braveheart’ Wallace.

The children had been left behind but in 1860 they came by themselves on a sailing ship.

John Wallace Crawford was by now 13 years old but was big for his age.

As soon as the children arrived John Austin Crawford was off to join the Union Army to fight in the Civil War.

John Wallace (Jack) Crawford (1847-1917), known as "The Poet Scout", was an American Civil War veteran, an American Old West scout, and a poet of western lore.He was a scout for General George Crook and General Phil Sheridan, friend of Wild Bill Hickok and co-actor, performer and scout with William F. In 1875 Jack was appointed as a Captain of the Black Hills Rangers of Dakota.