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Earth Link believes that reasonable network management practices are necessary for Earth Link to provide all our Earth Link and People PC residential customers, including residential broadband access customers, with award winning Internet services.

Earth Link uses a variety of tools and methods to manage our network, including managing any network congestion, and address security concerns.

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I'm making a simple java server & client for Educational purposes while finishing learning the Connections chapters in java language, and I had several problems while running the program, so i would be glad if I could get any kind of help to solve my problem, I had a main problems while running it Problem : A text doesn't get sent both sides, I have made 2 clients, when I send text from client 1 for exemple to client 2, its all good, but vise-versa it doesn't Sourse Code: main class public class Start { public static void main(String [] args) { chatserver server = new chatserver(); server.go(); chatclient chat = new chatclient(); chat.go(); chatclient2 chat2 = new chatclient2(); chat2.go(); } } import *; import *; import *; import javax.swing.*; import java *; import event.*; public class chatclient { JText Area incoming; JText Field outgoing; Buffered Reader reader; Print Writer writer; Socket sock; public void go() { JFrame frame = new JFrame("Simple Chat Client V.1"); JPanel main Panel = new JPanel() ; incoming = new JText Area(15,50); Line Wrap(true); Wrap Style Word(true) ; Editable(false); JScroll Pane q Scroller = new JScroll Pane(incoming) ; q Vertical Scroll Bar Policy(Scroll Pane Constants.

VERTICAL_SCROLLBAR_ALWAYS); q Horizontal Scroll Bar Policy(Scroll Pane Constants.

= null) { incoming.append(msg + "\n"); } } catch(Exception ex){ ex.print Stack Trace(); } } } } import *; import *; public class chatserver { Print Writer writer; public void go() { try{ Server Socket socket = new Server Socket(5000); while(true) { Socket serversocket = socket.accept(); Thread thread = new Thread(new clienthandler(serversocket)); thread.start(); writer = new Print Writer(Output Stream()); } } catch (Exception ex) { ex.print Stack Trace(); } } // end go method public class clienthandler implements Runnable { Socket sock; Buffered Reader reader; public clienthandler( Socket socks) { try{ sock = socks; Input Stream Reader stream = new Input Stream Reader(Input Stream()); reader = new Buffered Reader(stream); } catch(IOException ex) { ex.print Stack Trace(); } } public void run() { String msg; try{ while((msg = Line())!= null ) { tellall(msg); } } catch(Exception ex) { ex.print Stack Trace(); } } } //end clienthandler class public void tellall(String text){ String msgall = text; try{ writer.println(msgall); writer.flush(); } catch(Exception ex){ ex.print Stack Trace(); } } //end tellall method }//end chatserver