China dating custons

09-Aug-2016 12:47

Conversation topics for Chinese people newly acquainted also differ from that of English speakers. Giving gifts and treating people to dinner is a common practice in Chinese culture, especially during festival days.

When if a gift is given, it should be offered with two hands.

There are many tradition and customs that are particular to Chinese people and Chinese singles.

Because of the powerful influence that China as exerted on neighboring cultures, some of Chinese culture and tradition are echoed in other Asian singles.

Unlike Westerners, Chinese people do not usually greet people who they have not been introduced to or are not familiar with.

It would seem odd if a Chinese girl would offer a "Hi" or "Hello" when passing on the street, but it is also standard practice to have a name card or business card to give to people when introduced. And it is not impolite to ask about a Chinese singles 's job, annual salary, marital/dating status, or age,and questions about family tend to be deflected or avoided.

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When the right moment comes, gifts can also be served as catalysts in the Chinese dating etiquette.

You can send your Chinese girl or Chinese bride a unique present as a token of love.

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