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I've been to a ton of websites concerning JW and cult issues and I've book marked a few good ones, but yours is by far the best.So much useful information, I don't even know how you compiled it all.“I have viewed most of the DVD ‘Answering Questions Your Jehovah’s Witness Friends Ask’ and am very pleased with it.I have hardly seen any presentations by persons who never were JW's that I have been satisfied with, but you have a genuine understanding of where they are coming from.” (An Ex-Jehovah’s Witness from our 4website)"Hello, I found your website quite by accident, but once I started reading, it was hard to stop. I am currently on a spiritual journey and trying to figure out which 'religion' to follow...I have a few friends who belong to the LDS Church...I have also been in contact with a missionary from the Jehovah’s Witness church… D a second brochure entitled, “10 Keys to Witnessing to Cults.” Thus, many are finding our research helpful as the following letters describe: “Hi ...

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Thinking I was starting my search into Mormonism again, I ended up on your site. Watchtower has benefited the lives of many people by achieving the above goals in their lives.