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12-Sep-2015 13:21

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Perhaps you recently met someone who caught your interest, and you're hoping that with time you'll be able to discern if the relationship should move toward marriage. Even books on the subject of dating and marriage can convey a subtle expectation to keep moving forward: "Trust God," "differences are good," and "hey, nobody's perfect." All of that's true.

It’s a question that comes up occasionally within a singles ministry.

If you are seriously dating someone, how long should it be before you pop the question?

In fact, they tended to divorce quicker than those with short courtships.

Again, there are a couple of reasons why taking too long is a bad sign: It’s not so much that people wait too long to get married, but that they stay in a relationship that never was built to last.

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So there’s no set timeframe for how long you should date; it depends on the situation.

And the key to making good decisions in any situation is to act wisely, trusting in the wisdom from God’s Word and the godly counsel of people who you’re sharing life with.