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20-Apr-2015 08:11

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Having a car potentially gave them plenty of alone time with a member of the opposite sex, and that was cause for concern.

It’s true that one can still find steamy windows in cars parked on “lover’s lanes” across the country, but researchers say that teens are starting to experiment with sexual behaviors years before they obtain a driver’s license.

Chastity is one of many Christian practices that are at odds with the dictates of our surrounding, secular culture.

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It challenges the movies we watch, the magazines we read, the songs we listen to.It runs counter to the way many of our unchristian friends organize their lives.A 2002 study by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention found that 41 percent of American women aged 15 to 44 have, at some ...It used to be that most parents didn’t worry that their children would fall into sexual temptation until after they were old enough to drive.

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It strikes most secular folk as curious (at best), strange, backwards, repressed.

Chastity is also something many of us Christians have to learn. I offer only a flawed example, a few suggestions, and the reminder of why, as Christians, we should care about chastity in the first place.

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