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Burlesque writer/director Steve Antin says he was blown away by Gigandet's preparation for the role. He really cares about his craft and cares about what he’s doing, and he comes prepared.” During roundtable interviews in Los Angeles for the musical, Gigandet explained his attraction to the role, life on the set, and how he feels about going shirtless for most of the film."This very handsome, young guy with an incredible body swaggers into the room and you expect somebody really different than the person that you get to know," said Antin. On showing some skin and using a strategically placed box of cookies to hide his private parts: Cam Gigandet: "I’m pretty sure it didn’t say he’s holding a box of Famous Amos cookies, but we had rehearsed it and at that point, we were trying to find something that was unique and different and funny and entertaining.We were looking at a box of cereal, maybe some bread.' That’s a banana, that’s too risky,' go through the whole thing of food. But, I’m okay with shirtless stuff." On wearing mascara and guyliner: Cam Gigandet: "Do you want me to tell a lie? They will definitely take notice and they will definitely remember maybe not for the reasons that he’s actually shooting for, but in the end it works."On working with Christina Aguilera and Cher: Cam Gigandet: "Well, working with Cher was…well, I was so nervous to meet her because it’s Cher, obviously.I was okay with it, you know, I was for a couple different reasons. But she, within a minute of talking with her, you realize that you have no reason to be nervous and you have no reason to have anxiety because she’s just so cool and so easy to talk to and be around.It was fun to be something else and do something else and you know, the mascara, as soon as you put that on and when you look in the mirror, you’re kind of…I don’t know, it was easier to get into my character, especially when I’d walk onto this Burlesque lounge. I don’t usually wear mascara or eyeliner or whatever it is, so it was definitely something new. You just kind of lose track that it’s actually Cher, the icon Cher, singular name Cher that you’re talking to.""So, you know, whenever I’d remind myself of that it was just…I would always have such a surreal moment.

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You know, they tend to play it on the safer side of things, especially when they’re so high profile. So to be able to watch her work and see that that doesn’t concern her.

By Rebecca Murray Cam Gigandet, who will - no matter what he does acting-wise - always be known to millions of Twilight fans as James, the evil vampire who wanted to kill Bella, dons guyliner and shows off his ripped abs in the Screen Gems musical, Burlesque.

Gigandet plays a bartender at the Burlesque Lounge who befriends a small-town girl (played by Christina Aguilera making her feature film debut), helps her out with a job and a place to stay, and then finds himself falling for the pretty young woman with the gigantic singing voice.

It wasn’t something like Burlesque, it was a soap opera. To watch her work and figure things out so quickly, she just had such an amazing understanding of how to entertain and how to perform, obviously, because of who she is.

She has as much freedom as someone who has no idea what they’re doing. Let’s try this.' I don’t know how she does it.""Working with Christina, someone who’s never worked as an actress, it was such a memorable experience.

Take after take, she would just take risks and play around. To be able to watch someone figuring things out for the very first time, and I can remember when I was there.