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Amelea Dark is a plumber with no answers, though she blames Angela Sommers because her pipes are old.In the first episode of this series, Angela spanks Amela right in her kitchen for doing the bad job.But as her friend, she advices Jenna on how to get a girl she is pursuing - by spanking and domination.But then Star turns to the dutiful life coach and puts Jenna over her knee to discipline her for slacking off on her homework.Veronica gives them each a sound hand spanking, then some with a wooden bath brush, and even makes them spank each other while kissing.But only if Anglea can make her orgasm and she can spank Angela.

Easy, she deserves a spanking from the angry Genie.

Star Nine enters Jenna Sativa's bedroom as her life coach, about to discipline Jenna for not doing her homework.

Then Star uses a vibrator on Jenna, whose friends does arrive.

After that wish is granted, Goldie's last is that she gets everything she deserves.

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But when Amelea threatens to tell Angela's landlord about the bad pipes, the blonde beauty finds herself over Amelea's knee.Veronica Ricci plays a Russian school ballet instructor who catches two American students (Lana Lopez and Amelea Dark) making out in the tub.