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NET, Eclipse, CFEclipse, CF Builder, Cold Box Framework, Fusebox Framework, Keyboarding Skills, Fluent English, Microsoft Office, Organizational Skills, Report Writing, Content Writing, Creative Writing, Phone Etiquette, Strong Problem Solving Skills, HTML5, CSS3, W3C Compliance, Client Support, System Administration, Networking, Systems Analysis, Web Services, XML, JSON, CSV, Calculus, Algebra, Trigonometry, Different Equations, Mathematics, Digital Photography, PC Architecture, Computer Logic, Principles of Micro Economics, Principles of Macro Economics, Business & Technical Communications, Basic Chemistry, General Psychology, Custom Software Development, Data Analysis, Software Installation, Debugging, Documentation (As Required), Cookie and Session Management, Task Prioritization, Cold Fusion Request Tuning, Cold Fusion Connector Creation, Website Caching, Client Variables, Memory Variables, Cold Fusion Mappings, SMTP, Scheduled Tasks, Web Sockets, CFCharts, Data Source Management, REST Services, PDF Services, Cold Fusion Monitor, Fusion Reactor, IIS Website Server, Log Files, Code Analyzer, CFX Extensions, Cold Fusion Security, Website Security, Server Security Settings, HTTPS, SSL Security and Configuration, SSLLabs, Cold Fusion Secure Profiling, Cold Fusion Packaging & Deployment, .CAR Files, Cold Fusion Enterprise Instance Manager, Multiple Cold Fusion Instances, Cold Fusion Updates, Windows Server 2008, Windows Server 2008 R2, Windows Server 2012 R2, Antiviral Software, Firewalls, Database Backups, Database Restoration, Data Importing, Data Exporting, Primary Keys, Foreign Keys, Relationships, Index Creation, Failed Request Tracing Rules, IIS Error Pages, Handler Mappings, Directory Browsing, Web.However, I cannot divulge more information on this due to an NDA agreement.★ Contact Me Today For Top-Notch Technological Consultation!Allegany College of Maryland Degrees Include: Associate in Computer Programming, Associate in Web Page Development, Associate of Science in Mathematics, Associate in Computer Networking, Associate of Science in Computer Science, Associate in Personal Computers, Associate in Computer Information Systems, Associate in Applied Technical Studies, Associate of Science in General Studies Honors & Awards Include:2006 Allegany College of Maryland Valedictorian, All-Maryland Academic Team for Allegany College of Maryland, Honors Program at Allegany College of Maryland, Phi Theta Kappa, Mu Alpha Theta, Mathematics Student of the Year for 2006, National Dean's List 2004-2006, Programming Student of the Year for 2005Past Organizations / Volunteer Work Included: Allegany College of Maryland Student Council Vice President, Allegany College of Maryland Mathematics Lab Tutor and Personal Tutor, Allegany College of Maryland Phi Theta Kappa, Allegany College of Maryland Mu Alpha Theta, Adobe Cold Fusion 2016 Pre-Release Program Allegany College of Maryland College Courses Included: Web Page Development (COMP-191), Advanced Web Page Development (COMP-224), Database Design & Implementions (COMP-229), Calculus I (MATH-201), Calculus II (MATH-202), Calculus III (MATH-203), Differential Equations (MATH-206), Graphics (CMAT-207), Intro to Art Techniques (ART-103), Digital Photography (CMAT-211), Interactive Multimedia Design (CMAT-212), C++ Programming (COMP-218), Visual Basic Programming (COMP-233), Java Programming (COMP-234), Advanced C++ Programming (COMP-235), Intro to Networking (COMP-225), Network Design & Admin (COMP-227), Independent Study (COMP-299), Computer Literacy (COMP-101), Computer Logic (COMP-103), Operating Systems (COMP-219), Microcomputer Applications I (COMP-221), Microcomputer Applications II (COMP-222), Bowling and Archery (PHED-103), Elements of Chemistry (CHEM-100), General Chemistry I (CHEM-101), PC Architecture (COMP-180), Principles of Accounting I (BUAD-201), Principles of Accounting II (BUAD-202), Speech Communication I (SPCH-101), Intro to Business (BUAD-101), Business & Technical Communication (ENG-112), Freshman English I (ENG-101), Principles of Micro Economics (ECON-202), Principles of Macro Economics (ECON-201), General Psychology (PSYC-101), Personal Wellness (PHED-145)Skills Include: Website Development, Database Development, Cold Fusion (Versions MX to 2016), Microsoft SQL Server (Through Version 2014), Apache SOLR Server, Computer Security, Website Creation, Web Development, Database Design, Database Administration, SQL Queries, Stored Procedures, Triggers, Web Design, Java Script, Web Applications, Web Services, Web Content, Web Content Management, Web Project Management, Computer Network Operations, Computer Graphics, Graphic Design, Software Architecture, Software Architectural Design, Software Development, Software Project Management, My SQL, Oracle, Corporate Website Management, SSL Certificates, Website Promotion, Website Updating, Web Scraping, Java, Java Script Libraries, AJAX, j Query, j Query UI, Mobile Application, Mobile Devices, Mobile Technology, Mobile Web Design, PHP, PHP Applications, Software Testing, MVC Architecture, Web Application Security, Databases, Relational Databases, C++, Visual Basic, VB.To date, I have a perfect 5.0 star rating (out of 93 reviews) on there and I am ranked in the top 3,000 freelancers out of over 15 million members.I am also very skilled working independently with minimal assistance needed.★ As a World-Class Senior Website Developer, I always strive to achieve my employer's complete satisfaction regardless of the project.★ During 2015-2016, I was part of the Adobe Cold Fusion 2016 Pre-Release Program where I was able to gain much insight inside how Cold Fusion works.I got the chance to work beside the best Cold Fusion programmers in the industry and I learned quite a lot from my peers.Config Files, URL Rewriting, Mime Types, IIS Modules, Cold Fusion CFC Components, Request Filtering, Server Certificates, FTP, Remote Desktop, File Zilla Server, File Zilla Client, Real Estate Websites, Communication Websites, Dating Websites, Affiliate Websites, ECommerce Websites, Shopping Carts, Pay Pal Payment System, API Management, EBay API, Pay Pal API, Team Management, Leadership Skills, Great Communication Skills, Technology Consultation, Geocoding, Google Map API, Mapping Applications Certifications Include: Certificate in Personal Computers, Certificate in Programming, Certificate in Applications User Specialist Most Recent Past Experience Includes ( Limited to Due to Non-Disclosure Agreements )7(Current) - I am currently assisting a company based in Paris, France that provides language learning in 12 to 13 different interfaces with consultants world wide.

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World-Class Senior Website Developer - 18+ Yrs Exp ★ With over 18 years of experience and education, I am an award-winning Senior Cold Fusion Programmer by day and an extremely accomplished Senior SQL Database Administrator by night.★ By 2006, I graduated from Allegany College of Maryland with Honors receiving nine associate degrees and several certifications; I majored in Computer Science and Minored in Mathematics.★ By 2015, as both a Business Owner and as a Top Website Developer, I have completed over 160 projects and for the reviews I have received, all of them have a perfect rating - all on time - on budget - with a 33% repeat hire rate!★ As a Dedicated Hard-Working Project Manager, I have worked with various teams to complete some popular websites that now receive thousands of unique hits each day!I have been doing this by recommending hardware changes and changes within the coding itself.This is currently a part time job with no commitments set in stone.

(Classified To February, 2016) - I had the privledge of being part of the Cold Fusion 2016 Pre Release Team and I got to work with some of the top names in the Cold Fusion industry. However, I cannot divulge more information than that due to the NDA agreement.

(From May, 2006 To September, 2015) - I have worked through (an Australian Outsourcing Agency) ever since I completed college in 2006.